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Spectacular Scandinavia

Spectacular Scandinavia

15 Day Spectacular Scandinavia & its Fjords

Locations - Sweden, Norway and Denmark - 15 Day Tour 

Summer 2017 Tour Departing 29th July to 12th August



Revel in outstanding Scandinavian scenery as you cruise the glassy fjords and ride the Flåm Railway. In the cities, soak up the seafaring history and lively cultural scene. A relaxing three nights in Copenhagen at the start helps you unwind after your flight. Then the tour sets a moderate pace. Many travelling days pass through wonderful scenery with frequent stops for refreshments and photo opportunities - made all the more enjoyable by the use of scenic rail and cruises. Enjoy modern city hotels like the Radisson Blu in Copenhagen and Bergen. But for scenic locations you can't go past the Union in Geiranger, with its fjord setting, recently granted World Heritage status by UNESCO.

Trip Inclusions - Signature Experiences And Top Rated Highlights

  • Copenhagen: Make the most of the long summer nights at the glittering Tivoli Gardens, the world-famous entertainment park, full of fantasy, fun and charm.
  • Stockholm: The fabulous Gold Room inside the rose-hued brick City Hall is covered by 25 million gilded mosaic tiles.
  • Nusnas: Visit a workshop to witness an artisan creating a colourful wooden horse.
  • Geiranger: Cruise along the deep, blue waters of majestic Geirangerfjord, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, gushing waterfalls and lush green vegetation.
  • Fjærland: All you ever wanted to know about ice flows and how they sculpt the landscape, fjords and mountains, awaits you at the fascinating Norwegian Glacier Museum.
  • Flåm Railway: Journey on one of the world's steepest railways through tunnels that spiral in and out of the mountainside of the narrow Flåm Valley.
  • Oslo: Stand beneath the scrolled prows and hand-cut hulls of 9th century ships that carried Viking nobles to the afterlife and learn about their traditions and culture.

Add on - A Baltic Excursion from Copenhagen Return