Our Team

Lalani Pathikirikorale

Travel Centre Manager / Director            

Lalani has over 32 years-experience in the travel industry. She has travelled extensively through Europe, America and Asia. She is an Associate Member of the Institute of Administrative Accounting (London). Lalani currently specialises in Business Travel Management,  and Group Travel. Prior to migrating to Australia, she was a ticketing executive for SriLankan Airlines.

Was a Champion achiever of Trafalgar Tours for 2018 and also got the  Silver achievement  award for helloworld in 2017.

Jayantha Pathikirikorale

Marketing Manager / Director

Jayantha was in the Air Force for 15 years, and has toured Europe and America extensively, as well as Asia and the former USSR. He specialises in Group Tours to Sri Lanka, Maldives and India. In 2001/2002, he organised the largest Group of 86 pax to travel to Sri Lanka and India from Australia. In 2004, he organised a group of 26 from the Queensland Universities Cricket Team, including Mr Alan Border as Manager for a tour of Sri Lanka and India and in July 2004, he organised a group of 40 from Perth and Sydney to tour Sri Lanka for 19 days and 07 days to North India. Jayantha is the Vice President of the Sri Lanka Disaster Relief Fund of Queensland and the Sri Lanka Sports Association of QLD supporting the development of junior cricket in Sri Lanka.

Margaret Phillips

Senior Supervisor - International Consultant

Margaret has worked in the industry for more than 44 years and is the regular recipient of industry awards. She has widely travelled to U.K., Europe, America and the Asia/Pacific. In 2006 she organised the Annual Chiropractors Seminar in Melbourne for 823 members. In 2005, she organised and accompanied a group of 50 for an Alaskan Cruise, for 21 days and accompanied groups to China, Egypt and Europe in 2006, 2007 and 2008. She has worked at our Travel Agency for over 16 years. Has won many awards of some been winner of Silver Achievement award for helloworld for 2018. 

Manuri Palliyaguru De Abrew

travel advisor

Manuri has worked in the industry in Sri Lanka and in Australia for the past 18 years and have travelled extensively in Asia.